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Welcome to the CAM Resources Project

an initiative of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Special Interest Group of the Medical Library Association 


** Please Do Not Edit This Page **


About the Project

The CAM Resources Project was conceived at the 2008 Medical Library Association conference in Chicago.  The goal of the project is to have members of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Special Interest Group (CAM-SIG) contribute to a bibliography of authoriative and informative books, databases, and websites that librarians can use to build their collections and to recommend to their users. 


Following the conference, members discussed the project over the MLACAMSIG email list and decided to break the bibliography into subject categories and to collect both professional and consumer health titles.  In the spirit of MLA's recent support for the Web 2.0 approach, we also decided to use the "wiki" format to allow participants to contribute directly and witness the growth of the project.


Criteria For Inclusion


- Authority of authors/editors.  Any conflicts of interest?

- Reputation of the publisher.

- Currency or enduring value.

- Audience.

- Availability.

- Uniqueness.

- Balance in terms of the relative “importance” of a given topic within the whole.

- Recommendation from CAM health professionals.



1. ) Provide :

    • the full reference
    • information on format, i.e., electronic database, print resource, open website
    • information about the target audience, i.e., for  the healthcare professional or the health consumer


See the entries under Naturopathic Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, or Integrative Medicine for examples.


2.) If there's something unique about the resource you'd like to point out, please note it with the reference (e.g., a standard textbook, updated frequently, etc.)


3.) Each subject category has its own page of the wiki (linked in the Sidebar).  If possible, try to select the single best category for your  recommended title.


4.) No need to alphabetize or organize in any other way.  Once we get the list going, I can clean it up from time to time.


5.) Finally,  please comment on any aspect of the project.  For example, do we need more categories or different categories?   Is the wiki format working ok?  What about the design of the wiki?  Etc. etc.  There's a "comments" tab associated with each page where you can place your ideas.  You can also email the MLACAMSIG list.



Thank you for your help!




Lilian Hoffecker

MLA CAM-SIG member




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